AREV Lighting

The future belongs to LED lights and we are experts in it!

We have placed our products from mass production to customized items in following areas:

  • automotive
  • railed vehicles
  • navy
  • interior lighting
  • exterior lighting
  • LED lighting appliances

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The reasons to change over from conventional lighting to LED technology in the automotive sector are:

  • less power consumption
  • longer life time
  • further safety because of faster LED light
  • many design possibilities
  • low temperature

Automotive lights

Rail vehicles

In this section we carry out the following products:

  • Head lamps
  • Signal lamps - single and multi-function lamps
  • Step marking lamps
  • Space lamps - build-in or surface mounting - Reading lamps
  • Reading lamps
  • LED light bars

Rail vehicle lights


On land and on water!

Our lamps can also be found in the marine industry. Braving the element of water they are prepared for the particular difficulties on the water and they are in no way inferior to our lamps used on land. Likewise the top priority is to create with light the right atmosphere.

Marine lights

Interior Lightings

A MUST in terms of perfect lighting!

Whether hospitals, offices and warehouses, especially here is the right light significant for safety, atmosphere and productivity. Not only does the lighting but also the colour of light has an important role. We support you from the light design to the realization in order to obtain the desired effect, also taking into account the legal requirements. You can significantly reduce the cost of electricity by using LED light. The amortization calculation is created individually and reviewed by you.

Take advantage of the potential cost savings!

Interior Lightings

Outdoor Lighting

Again, we are represented. Street lighting, building and facility lighting. Put all back into perspective!

Outdoor Lighting


The change from conventional to LED lighting is simple, energy efficient and cheaper in the long run. Switch to LED-technology, we'll help you. Here is a selection of light sources:

  • LED lamps
  • LED spots
  • LED tubes
  • LED light bars
  • LED light strips



Light means the optimal use of a source with observance of feasibility and cost effectiveness under compliance of all laws and regulations.


Design is the key to success. For these reasons we give priority to teamwork with clients and designers.


Vision means the acceptance of the challenge to reach even far objectives in due time. Our experience, creativity and ongoing training ensure the customer satisfaction.